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Quick Details

Honda Talon 2-passenger Drivers must be 21+
Honda Talon 4-passenger Drivers must be 21+

Explore Sedona Off Road Trails with a 2 Hour ATV Rental!

Enjoy your two hour rental in beautiful Sedona! Explore at your own pace. You receive detailed maps, an ice chest with ice included, group discounts, and more. Book your next ride through Sedona off road trails online. We have a range of premium rentals for you to choose from. Find the best vehicle for your red rocks adventure today!

*Two Hour Rental Rates  do not include gas, sales taxes or Insurance in the totals.

  • All vehicles require a $3,000 Security Deposit
  • Primary Drivers must be 21+ with valid ID – Any additional drivers must be 18 with valid ID
  • Children must be 5 years or older to ride in vehicle
  • Passengers under 18 must wear a helmet at all times (we provide S-XL sizes free of charge)
  • Five minutes to the next trail
  • Get detailed area info, maps
  • Ice chest with ice included
  • Stop wherever you want
  • Best rates in Sedona
  • Explore Indian Ruins
  • Visit Sedona’s Vortexes