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Polaris Trails
Honda Talon 2-passenger
RZR 1000 2-passenger
RZR 1000 4-passenger
Polaris Pro XP 2-passenger
Honda Talon 4-passenger
Polaris Turbo S 4-passenger
Honda Pioneer 6 Seater
Honda Pioneer 6 Seater

Explore Sedona, AZ with a Full-Day ATV Rental

Enjoy a full day ATV rental in beautiful Sedona! Explore at your own pace. You receive detailed maps, an ice chest with ice included, group discounts, and more!

*Full Day Rental Rates do not include gas or sales tax in the totals.

  • All vehicles require a $3,000 Security Deposit
  • Drivers must be 21+ with valid ID any additional drivers must be 18 with valid ID
  • Children must be 5 years or older to ride in vehicle
  • Passengers under 18 must wear a helmet at all times (we provide S-XL sizes free of charge)
  • Five minutes to the next trail
  • Get detailed area info, maps
  • Ice chest with ice included
  • Stop wherever you want
  • Best rates in Sedona
  • Explore Indian Ruins
  • Visit Sedona’s Vortexes